Policy return and refund ribbon barcode printing

The policy of exchanging and refunding the ribbon printed with Rong Viet Technology Barcodes commits to refund 100% of the cost if the goods not in accordance with the Company's quality listed on each website product or the goods received are not inappropriate. according to the needs you have ordered.

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To best serve you on the return or exchange of your products, please refer to the information below, we will receive your request and process within 48 hours.


1. Conditions for exchanging and returning products:

- Invoices are intact, not patched or erased.
- Unused, warranty stamps are intact, labels.
- Exchange service only applies to the same product.

2. Steps to change products:

Please contact Hotline, Chat or send mail to rongviet@rongvietvn.com to register for bartering
Within 3 days of receiving the goods, if you want to change products, depending on the delivery area, just follow these steps:
If you are located in Ho Chi Minh City: Contact via Hotline or Chat for product exchange support:
- Option 1: Delivery staff will bring the product you want to exchange to CTY, and receive the original product.
- Option 2: Directly exchange at the door of Rong Viet Technology Co., Ltd.
If you are in other provinces and cities: Contact via Hotline or Chat to request to change products:
Carry out packaging to return the original product including the invoice and the product is intact (see product return and exchange conditions) and send it to Rong Viet Technology Company by mail.
Upon receipt of the returned product, Rong Viet Technology Company will proceed to send the product you want to exchange for you.
- Rong Viet Technology Company only holds the product you want to exchange for 1-2 days.
- After 1-2 days: If the product you have not yet returned, the exchange request is still valid, but in case the product you want to exchange is out of stock, you must wait until it is available again, they I will proceed to deliver the product to you.
- After 3 days: Exchange request expires.

3. Return the goods

 Rong Viet Technology Company will not handle accepting returns from customers after payment and receipt of goods. Therefore, please carefully check the goods before payment to avoid the case of defective goods, delivery is not as ordered.
Thank you for reading the notice, wish you a happy shopping!

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