3 most popular Ribbon samples today

3 most popular Ribbon models You are looking for good quality ink so let Rong Viet Technology help you choose the best ink for you

Post date: 15-09-2015

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 Many customers as well as your company often wonder and do not know how to evaluate a type of ink ribbon is suitable for the printhead being used .... to answer this question, you can Based on the following criteria:
 First: the color after printing must be clear and sharp
 Second: the materials used for printing must be good, not fading, not peeling
 Third: size suitable for production needs
Printed ribbon is in common use today
Just choose a line of ink ribbon to ensure the above criteria, you can rest assured promoting your brand anywhere without having to worry about affecting economic value.
3 barcode printing patterns not to be missed
Ribbon Wax (Wax printed ribbon) is a common ink material composed mainly of wax, medium adhesion, ribbon wax suitable for decal paper materials often soluble in water and solvents. Depending on the wall of the resin inside, the quality of the ribbon may vary
Resin Ribbon (Resin in ribbon) is mainly composed of Resin, high adhesion, difficult to fade in water, no scratches, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, resin ribbon resistant to harsh conditions of the environment like temperature, humidity
 Wax / Resin Ribbon (Wax / Resin printing ribbon) is a high-class Ribbon that contains a higher Resin content than Wax inks, so the print quality and grip are higher than Ribbon Wax. Ribbon Wax / Resin can withstand harsh environments, less scratches, capable of preserving quality in solvents, reagents ... because of high adhesion.
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In addition to the popular ink ribbons mentioned above, you can choose for yourself many other types of ink ribbons from many other famous brands to complete the production. It can be said that in the ribbon ink barcodes are available on the market today, the ribbon ink cartridges are always appreciated for quality because they are easy to coordinate with many different printer lines.
Where should buy the best ribbon ribbon?
And to own the good quality ink ribbon ribbons, you can come to Rong Viet Technology to choose a few barcode barcode ribbons that you like, or order through the website for advice and advice. delivery in the soonest time. Rong Viet Technology hopes to bring you the perfect choice
Rong Viet Technology is the perfect choice for you
Moreover, for customers in Ho Chi Minh City, they also get Free Ship so do not hesitate to come to Rong Viet Technology you can choose the best ink cartridges according to your needs. Because quality is always the top priority at Rong Viet Technology.
Any questions or a quote please contact 090 724 1800 or 0943 993 225 DRAGON Technology VIET will have the best price for you.
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