Delivery policy, return policy of Vietnamese Dragon Technology. Please contact hotline 090 724 1800 or 0943 993 225 for more information!

  • Delivery policy of Rong Viet Technology

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    Delivery policy of Rong Rong Technology: delivery to all orders in the inner city, suburbs, ship to all provinces in the country and abroad ... The delivery policy of Rong Rong Technology is best for customers

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  • Instructions for ordering online of Ribbon.vn

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    Instruction to order online RIBBON.VN quickly anytime, anywhere for customers

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  • Policy return and refund ribbon barcode printing

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    The policy of exchanging and refunding the ribbon printed with Rong Viet Technology Barcodes commits to refund 100% of the cost if the goods not in accordance with the Company's quality listed on each website product or the goods received are not inappropriate. according to the needs you have ordered.

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