Viet Dragon Technology operates the most prestigious profession in the fields of supplying bar code supplies, bar code accessories for printing design, supplying printing materials, bar code supplies, label processing, soft....
Viet Dragon Co., Ltd specializes in supplying Ribbon Barcode Wax, Wax / Resin, Resin, Barcode ink, special ribbon specialties: R300, HL35, D110A, B110A, S245, W137, B220, B110C. Stamp bar code printer: SAMSUNG, DATAMAX, SATO, INTERMEC, ZEBRA, AVERY, CITIZEN, TOSHIBA.
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Ribbon indate printing shelf on confectionary packaging, food, bottled water, pharmaceutical ...
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Viet Dragon specializes in supplying, printing and processing all kinds of stickers, hanging labels, barcode printing paper, decal printing bar code and ribbon for barcode printer. With equipment and modern technology. Meet the diverse needs of designs, designs of customers in the fastest time
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Vietnamese Dragon can produce labels including specialized, empty labels, color labels, labels for hospitals, labels for food, beverages, industrial labels, cans, cans ... ..
Professionally designed printing and printing according to customer requirements.
Installation of electrical system, ladder cable tray, electrical cabinet ...
Installation of computer network
Network construction, Lan network construction, LAN installation, wan, wifi ... ..
Viet Dragon Technology specializes in the field of software production and provides comprehensive IT solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises. Founded by professionals, programmers, consultants have many years experience in research and development of product lines, enterprise technology management solutions in the areas of management: Accounting, Human Resources, ... ... along with a team of dynamic, professional professionals and style
· With the desire to become a leader in the field of providing enterprise information technology solutions.Rong Viet has constantly improved and developed to bring customers the best quality products and services. .
Our motto is to meet the maximum demand of customers, ensure the quality of service before and after use, always improving, constantly research the application of advanced technology suitable, with The purpose of bringing satisfaction to Customers.