ZEBRA GT-800 BARCODE PRINTING MACHINE offers enhanced performance and reliability at a competitive price, ZEBRA GT-800 BARCODE PRINTER is easy to use and maintain to extend the life of the machine to help users save the cost of changing new machines and replacing components during use.


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Does buying a barcode printer often cause you to encounter some difficulties after?


 Designs with only a few old models make it take too long to find new models.

 The colors were so ordinary, they were just a few familiar colors

 Which media and inks are suitable for the machine

Machine shape and structure are up to standard

So what do you want a printer to be like?

 Machine must have compact design, according to the desktop trend

Machine must have high configuration and resolution

 Paper material after printing must ensure clarity  

Meet the needs of low to medium-sized labels

If these are your requirements for a barcode printer, the ZEBRA GT-800 Printer at Rong Viet Technology is a great choice for you!



          The Zebra GT800 barcode printer offers enhanced performance and reliability at a competitive price, GT800 has two direct thermal or indirect thermal printing modes that are designed to be sophisticated and compact, but still meet the requirements. Wide range of label printing applications from low to medium and small. The Zebra GT800 is easy to use and maintain to extend the life of the device to help users save money on new equipment replacement and component replacement during use.

Powerful configuration with 203dpi resolution, paper size up to 104mm wide to 127 mm / s, 8MB Flash memory, 8MB SDRAM, simple USB interface for easy installation, use ribbon With a length of up to 300m and the bluntness of it is a series of scalable Ethernet interfaces to further meet the desired needs of customers. Therefore, GT800 not only creates reliability during use but also a product that is always the first concern of customers to solve their printing needs.
The Zebra GT800 barcode printer is part of the desktop printer line, with an improved design from the Zebra G Series barcode printer, which not only expands the ink tank capacity of the printer, but also the ink cartridge removal and removal process. Label also becomes more simple. In addition, in addition to using indirect heat transfer printing, the Zebra GT800 barcode printer has a print speed as fast as 5IPS (127 mm) per second, and can handle label printing up to 114mm wide.
The Zebra GT800 barcode printer is used to print labels for the needs of manufacturing process labels, products and labels for light industry, transportation and logistics, bag tags, asset management stamps, and document management, in vitro labels, supermarket labels and printing services.
Why should you choose to buy Zebra GT-800 barcode printers at Rong Viet Technology?

Constantly updating many new models, keeping up with the trend of production and business

Commitment to genuine sales, accessories ... quality assurance is always at the forefront
Professional customer service, attentive, fast delivery support.
Commit 100% refund if customers are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

How to use and store the ZEBRA GT800 Printer

 Usage: direct or indirect printing        Storage: Store in a cool, dry place


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